About Vlad Buzila

About Vlad Buzila

My journey began at just 13, when I started my first venture, selling phone accessories through social media.

At 17, I ventured into a software distribution business. I learned to sell and build sales teams by selling marketing software to local businesses.

After working several odd jobs as construction assistants, servers, delivery drivers, my brother and I saved up enough money and started a telecom fulfillment company. We partnered with the largest telecom companies in the US and within the first two years, we generated over $1 million in revenue. We grew this to over $3 million by the third year, then sold it several years after, and sought new opportunities.

Also, while running the business, I enrolled at Drexel University to study finance and Management Information Systems, but realized it wasn't the right path for me and dropped out after 2 quarters. I educate myself from books.

In early 2023, I started a new company: an AI Marketing platform aimed at helping dentists grow their practices.

My passions are sports, reading books and entrepreneurship.

My story is proof that with grit and adaptability, anything is achievable.

And if you want to know more, some other random facts about me…

  • I started boxing at 14 but quit after a year to pursue bodybuilding, which I have continued ever since.
  • I didn't buy my first iPhone or computer until I was 19.
  • I read my first book at 16, my second at 18 and my 60th book at 22.
  • I barely graduated high school. Finished at the bottom of my class.
  • I was somehow accepted into Law School in Moldova, which you can enter right out of high school, but I dropped out to pursue my dream of moving to the US.
  • At 22, I enrolled in Drexel University with the aim of earning a Bachelor's degree in Finance. I did well, achieving straight As and maintaining a 4.0 GPA, but I chose to drop out because the knowledge seemed largely outdated.

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Email: vlad@vladbuzila.com