Principles & Values

Principles, Values & Beliefs

I am just a human like everyone else. Everything is God’s work.

I don't draw a line between my personal and professional life. All receive the same level of respect and regard from me.


Integrity, Respect, Strength, Stability, Courage, Freedom, Loyalty.


  • Don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy yourself.
  • Only do business with people you respect.
  • Only hire people who take care of themselves and exercise.
  • Have integrity and demand it from others.
  • Keep things simple. Simpler is better.
  • Work only with people you enjoy.
  • Be committed to your goals and dreams.
  • Make an effort to look presentable at all times.
  • Operate on a predictable schedule.
  • Be disciplined in the daily activities.
  • Avoid distractions and focus on the big picture.
  • Place an importance on health and staying in good physical shape.
  • Focus on leading instead of controlling.
  • Only hire people with a growth mindset.
  • Never make decisions from a panic standpoint (and never let anyone see you panic).
  • Never be seasonal with work ethic.
  • Be receptive to coaching and mentoring.
  • Don’t wait for disasters to happen before fixing an issue.
  • Never stop selling.
  • Always stay humble.
  • Take responsibility when things go wrong and don’t blame others.
  • Always be enthusiastic about what you’re doing.
  • Keep the head down and work hard as long as it takes.
  • Always ensure that whatever you say about someone, you'd be willing to tell them directly, and avoid judging people without confronting them with your accusations.
  • Do not allow "loyalty" to hinder honesty and transparency.
  • Don’t tolerate dishonesty.
  • Be radically transparent.
  • If you aren't the most suitable person for a job, have the courage to step down and seek an appropriate replacement.
  • Pay the person not the job.
  • Force yourself and the people who work for you to do hard things.
  • Take people’s answers with a grain of salt. Don’t assume their answer is correct.
  • Take inexperienced people’s opinions with a grain of salt.
  • Rank people’s opinions based on their believability.
  • Don’t draw conclusions from very small samples.
  • Do not lower the bar for people around you.
  • Don’t apply band aids on problems. Solve the root causes.
  • Remember the Pareto Principle, and know when to apply it.
  • Grow or die. The critical element is to fail, analyze and learn from failures and improve quickly.